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    Aug 3, 2015
    I am in Florida and have about a 100 sq ft run on a dirt floor. My chickens have been out there for a couple weeks and the accumulation of chicken poo is really getting nasty. Like little land mines trying to dodge. So, it's time to do something for the floor. I have read a gazillion threads about sand and another gazillion about deep litter. Figured I would give sand a try but amazingly I can't find anything other than play sand and all purpose. I know play sand is not good because it is manufactured and very fine. Anyone using all purpose? Really don't know much about that.

    So now I am also rethinking DLM. I know I am overthinking everything but it just seems so complicated to me. Seems like I would still be dodging chicken poo as there would now be layers mixed in to the mulch (I would use pine mulch).

    Honestly my chickens are having some much fun digging around in the dirt that I hate to put anything down but trying to clean up the poo off a dirt floor is not fun!

    Would love to hear from those of you that have used either method to help me figure this out. My hubby is getting sick of me pouring through the archives for hours on end and wants me to make a decision already :)

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    Is your run covered?

    In our covered run we do deep litter; grass clippings, straw, leaves and pine needles There is no visible poop and I haven't cleaned it out since we start In the spring. Very easy. Also no odor, no flies
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    Dec 15, 2014
    DL is not complicated at all. In the beginning I was over thinking it too. My run is 8x12 and covered. I mow my lawn and dump in some of the clippings. If it looks like it's getting matted I toss in some straw. If I clean the coop, I toss in the shavings. Looking too dry? Toss in a couple of buckets of water. Too wet? Toss in some dried leaves. Cleaning out the flower beds? Toss that in too. Shuck some corn for dinner? Toss the husks in. Done with dinner? Toss in the cobs.

    I have not scooped a poop in the run since starting with deep litter in the spring. I would gladly go out now and stir it around with my hand and scoop a handful up and take a big sniff of it. It smells like leaves and wood chips and humus. The girls cover over any poop by scratching through the litter and it gets incorporated practically immediately.

    If you don't want to have to see or smell the poop, go with deep litter. No fuss, no muss.
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    Aug 3, 2015
    My run currently is not covered although it is under a huge oak tree which protects it pretty well.
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