Looking for Hennie Gamefowl or Pumpkin Hulsey - Knoxville TN

There are eggs for both of those breeds on ebay all the time... so if you have an incubator...
There are both of them (adults) on the Nashville Craigslist too.
Thx, I am looking for started to adults, I found the Hulseys but couldnt find the hennies, do you have the link?
hello my name is ricardo torres and i breed only hennies out of puerto rico stock. i had a breedig pair of pumpkin hulseys but by accident they got crossed with my hennies .i will have chicks for sale soon out of my hennies .i go by the name of prophet on this site . have,nt been on in over a 1/half year . i on occasion sell grown birds to people who r into hennies . my facebook site has pics and posting more update later on today. feel free to contact me if interested . email [email protected] or facebook -ricky torres.

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