Looking for home for baby Muscovy duck in Savannah, GA


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Jun 7, 2009
Hello all, I am hoping that someone from southeast Georgia will read this and help. I have an orphaned baby muscovy duck that I am looking for a home for. It is about 4-5 weeks old now and doing well. I do not have the proper facilities to raise this friendly little duck. I live on the Islands outside of Savannah. Please reply if you can help or if you know of someone that can. Thank you.
Try posting on these links Johnny, I found them on the "Where am I? where are you?" or whatever forum:
There are threads on that forum that may be more applicable for you. The easiest way to find them is to click the search button on the blue bar above, then type in Georgia and under that specify the Where are you? . . . forum. Look for threads with lots of pages and more recent postings.
I have relatives in Valdosta/lakeland. If I were due to visit them Id take the little guy. UGH! Why, when I want a scovie, are they always so far away?! good luck
I live in Savannah and teach at Gadsden Elem. We hatched some duck eggs which are now 2 weeks old. I plan to keep somme at my house on Wilmington Island. If yours will get along with mine I can take her. Anne

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