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    So I bought an 18" x 24" vinyl project window for my new coop because it's self contained and looked convenient to install, but I'm having doubts about it. For one thing, like all windows, it's designed to be opened from the inside and protrude on the outside. Since chickens can't open it, that means I have to climb inside the coop. Yuck. I can put the window on backwards, but because of the protrusion I can't easily secure the window opening with hardware cloth in case the window breaks or is opened. If I put the hardware cloth on the outside, then i can't open the window, if I put the cloth on the inside, I have to deal with the vinyl protrusion that probably is designed to keep rain away from the glass.

    Another issue is what to do if the window breaks. 5 years from now this product will most likely not be available, and I see myself having to make major modifications to fit a new one.

    It would probably be better to make a wood frame that swings out like a door, so if there's a break I just modify the frame. Is there a standard size for this kind of small window that will likely be around for the life of the coop?
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    When we put the windows in the shed we converted to a coop we bought vinyl basement windows and installled them backwards/up side down. Instead of opening in and down, they now open out and up like an awning window, They are flush with the inside walls and Hubs attached hardware cloth over the opening. On the outside he framed around the window for a clean finish. They do a great job keeping the rain out.

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