Looking for ideas to turn this into a coop.

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  1. ducksupernewbie

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    Aug 27, 2014
    We are turning this existing shed into a coop, I've googled myself out trying to think of ideas, but if anyone can think of something.
    Ideally, we still need some storage, mostly just for a push mower, so i'd like to split the shed inside, 70/30, 70 going to the four chickens. with the run attached to it.

    Should I put the door at the side, or put another one at the back, skylights for ventilation etc.

    Ideas? [​IMG]
  2. lalaland

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    Sep 26, 2008
    Pine County MN
    that's a great shed. lots and lots of possibilities.

    I would:

    1. make the front part the storage part, so you enter thru the people door.
    2. make Two chicken doors - that way you can have two separate runs and you could make two separate quarters in the interior if you needed them in the future - for chicks, or roosters, or for whatever reason. Having two runs, even if you start with just one, will let you let one run "rest" when it is eaten down to nothing, or it would allow two separate runs =, say one for your flock and one for the chicks in your future.
    3. lots and lots of ventilation, even more if you live in a cold climate.
    4.consider the prevailing winds, and think about where the sun will be around the shed.
    5. Rather than skylights, add windows

    Have fun1
  3. ducksupernewbie

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    Aug 27, 2014

    I'm a bit unsure about the two runs. No chance we can have roosters, I think the neighbors would host flame us alive. Although, I like the idea of giving one a chance to regrow. So, say we have one 15x15 run, you'd break that into two down the middle?

    It gets pretty cold here in the winter (NY), I did see small windows in a treehouse supply company, so I can install those around it and secure them with chicken wire for predators. sun is coming from the side you're looking at, i.e if you're standing taking that picture, the sun would be in your face. However, where you're standing is also where the chicken run is going. if that makes any sense at all?

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