Looking for information on APA Copy rights. Anybody there who can help?

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    Hello all. I am in the works of creating an illustrated book for the SOP of the wyandotte. I want to publish it but I want to be sure I am not infringing on any of the American Poultry Associations rights.

    I am not quoting the Standard of the Perfection because I know the APA owns the rights. I am making illustrations of my interpretation and extensive research that I have done on the breed over the years. I feel like I am not in the wrong since I am making my own unique illustrations of my interpritation of the standards but I don't want to "step on anyones toes". I have tried to contact some APA memebers but I don't think they take me seriously or they just never read their email.

    I have shared my illustrations with fanciers, breeders, and new chicken keepers and have gotten very positive feed back with great interest in buying the finished book.

    Is there anyone on here I can talk to? I am very serious about this book and have already created over 50 illustrations. I want to help keep people interested in the breed and encourage the younger generation to keep heritage breeds.

    Thanks for listening.

    Heres and example of one of my illustrations...
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    I really have no idea about how the APA would feel. Honestly it sounds like you have everything in order to me. I'd say it would probably be fine if you included a works cited or bibliography at the end it should be no problem at all. Beautiful illustrations by the way!
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    Hi dracoe19,

    I am not an agent or in a publishing house, but I did pen a novel... so take my opinion for all the .02 cents it's worth.

    You should be putting all your sources in your bibliography anyway, but never assume everything 'should be fine' when it comes to intellectual rights... always get permission or find out their permission status. Also, I would ask your literary agent for sure... they may have you discuss rights over with a lawyer specializing in copyrights or research.

    In the SOP (as in every book) there should be a blurb in the book front (that states copyright) that says no part of it may be copied, or used without permission, etc? Or, does it state passages can be reprinted with the author's/ publisher's permission? Again, you might have to contact author and/or publisher and ask about rights, possibly which you may have to purchase/ royalty, etc. to use certain quoted passages. This could possibly be worth an expense, depending on your book's success.

    It is always in the SOP's favor to promote their book in your book as your expert, so they may not actually require payment but just references. Again, I would also discuss all world rights with your agent, and possibly the copyright lawyer- copyright infringement is not something to ever take lightly.

    If you don't have a literary agent, first find out what the front copyright blurb of the SOP says, and write or email the SOP publisher (on your own) to do what you are able without remitting payment or royalties. You can make your cover letter proposal to an appropriate agent that deals with these types of books exclusively, or, just try going straight to publishing houses to shop your manuscript, which is trickier.

    Keep in mind, if publishing houses get into a bidding war over your book, you will need an agent anyway. If one is interested, then you will need an agent to finalize the deal anyway.

    Are you planning to send a cover letter to Storey Publishing house as a potential house interested in your manuscript, Their address is:

    Storey Publishing, 210 MASS MoCA Way, North Adams, MA, 01247 (Written just like this.)

    Or, possibly Schiffer Publishing Ltd. depending on your illustrations?

    Here is their author resource page that discusses pitching book ideas to them:

    Make sure you pen any proposals strictly adhering to their guidelines, and address the contact letters to the appropriate persons by their proper names and titles.

    Best of luck!!!
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    We protect the copyright on APA publications vigorously. Everything in the APA SOP including and especially the descriptions are protected by copyright and we very seldom allow reproduction of them. You can discuss what you plan to here or PM me the info. At the moment I am unsure what you plan to do.

    Walt Leonard
    Chairman of the APA Standard Committee
  6. dracoe19

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    May 31, 2011
    Warrenton, Virgina

    Sent you a PM. Thank you for replying.

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