Jul 4, 2022
Currently looking for two cuddly hens, any breed other than broilers or commercial egg chickens are perfect. Specifically looking for very people-oriented gals, preferably accepting of being held but its alright if not, to join the current flock!

Edit: looking for generally people-oriented hens! Even if they don’t become lap hens later on, Id love to have some friendly gals to join the flock!
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If you don’t find any chickens maybe geese will work for you, again only starting them young. They can be very loving creatures too and give the best hugs!
If I chicken does like being handled and most do not, they will likely not transfer that trait to new owners. Chickens, buy and large, aren't lap pets. Just a thought. It's best to start young and train them
Makes sense! I didn’t consider that the trait is probably owner-specific, but that makes more sense.
I adore geese but I don’t think I’d be able to deal with the poops, I will love on them from afar though!
Haha, that’s their only downfall. Hope you can find some chicks to raise! I’m not an expert on chickens or chicken breeds so I can’t suggest any for you!:p
Apologies for not updating sooner! I recently got two sweet silkie gals who are warming up to me, not quite lap tame but slowly calming down, I’m proud of them so far! The chicks I have are also almost coop-ready, and are very snuggly; completely forgot to close this thread even though I got the gals a few weeks ago lol

Picture from the babies’ first time outside! They were so excited to explore, though little Bubs just wanted to be held lol. I need better pics of the hens, the ones I have are blurry

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