Looking for laying hens in Tx


11 Years
Feb 19, 2008
Well, I have 18 babies in a brooder but would like to have some hens that are laying or close to laying.

I'm not real picky on breed, just something that is a decent egg layer.

I'm south of Houston. We've just gotten our coop and run done and I'm watching Craigslist but I wanted to post on here in case someone has a couple or know of somewhere I could go.

Hey, Daca!! I know you from ABlackhorse!! Check out Buster's chickens, I think you are not too far from her!! PM me if you can't find it!!

greentree, HI! I haven't been by there recently. How's thing there?

I got 4 of my babies from Buster/Michele. She doesn't have any adults right now. I did ask her to keep an eye out. I'm not the most patient person though. LOL
hey d, if you don't mind them debeaked, you can always get some production reds or RIR pullets that are about 4 months old at rays feed. ray's feed is near the corner of cullen and almeda road. but you need to go in there and get them from the pen yourself. don't let the helpers get it cuz they'll just get you anything and if you don't look carefully, you'll get one that's been debeaked AND is cross beaked. i have a couple that i got from his feed store last year before he started debeaking them. they lay nice large brown eggs and they're much calmer and nicer now that they've gotten accostomed to my place.

the other place that may have them is Wabash Antiques & Feed Store. and one more is quality feed and garden. sometimes they carry adults. last time i went to quality, they only had adult bantams and they were a bit pricey. you may want to try calling them and see if they have anything right now.

and sometimes the guy out in santa fe feed has adult birds. he does consignments for people. the last couple of times i've been over there, though, i only saw roo's.

there's a feedstore out in la porte that sells chicks. i don't know if they sell adults, especially since i've had a couple of people drive all the way from baytown to buy my birds and i have a lady coming from baytown to look at my cochin roo this weekend, but that's another place you can try.

if you can wait till the end of april, there's always the montgomery county animal trade day. it's going to be on the 27th of april this year instead of the first sunday in may. you'll find tons of nice hens there and they're a decent price. stacey from this site and jessie also sell there.

if i can think of anything else, i'll let you know.

and nancy, thanks for letting her know about me!

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Thanks Michele. I forgot Ray's sold chickens. I'm saddened that they debeak.

Do you know what the feed store in Santa Fe is? *never mind, I found it and they do have some hens so I'm going to drive over after school to take a look.

I will probably go to Mongomery county trade days anyway. I'm kinda hooked now. I just hope my husband doesn't do a head count!


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Glad to be of service!!! I tried....

I have not even looked at ABH in months....seemed to always be the same since he decided to charge. I DID NOT pay!!! Lots of posters over there were way too defensive.... everything degenerated into an argument.

I have chickens and horses now... it is WAY too much work,LOL!!

How is your mare doing?

that's where they buy, sell, trade animals and crafts, etc. twice a year. it's in conroe texas. normally, it's the 1st sunday of may and 1st sunday of october, but because of the car show, they had to move it to april 27th this year.
Nancy, I didn't pay either. Every time I tried to just read, it wouldn't let me, so I don't try anymore.

Diva is great. We bought a place of our own last year. It's just 2 acres but it's ours. Diva is in my back yard, literally.
I also got a little buddy for her. I think she's much happier with me. She had 70 acres where she was but has bonded with me much stronger since we've moved. I don't ride as much as I should. Mostly she's just pampered. LOL
Do all feed stores only sell debeaked started pullets?
Rays does it and then I went into a feed store in Santa Fe that sometimes has pullets but they are debeaked. The guy in there told me the other feed store in town gets their pullets from the same place he does so they are also debeaked.:mad:

I can't believe more people don't have a problem with this. I'll be watching Craigslist and going to Mongomery County Trade Days for hens/started pullets.

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