Looking for rats owners! Want some info!

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by Chickerdoodle13, Nov 7, 2007.

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    Jun 6, 2007
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    Gosh, I've had all kinds of critters but must say rats are great pets. They are very smart and friendly if handled. I hope you enjoy them.
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    Aug 20, 2007
    Rats are great! They are clean and intelligent, very affectionate. I had weird looks from people when they found out I had a pet rat, but so what? Charlie would ride on my shoulder around the house or outside on walks. She would come with me in the car to pick up the kids after school. I recommend a ferret cage--plenty of room and levels to explore. Rats need plenty mental stimulation. The only drawback with rats as pets, as someone already mentioned, is that they have a very short life span--a 3-year old rat is geriatric by human standards. I was heartbroken when Charlie developed a tumor and had to be put to sleep. I will definitely get another rat in the near future.
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    Mar 5, 2007
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    Is it bad to keep only one rat if they get lots of attention from their human owner? Can a smaller cage be compensated with extra time out of the cage to run around? Do rats sleep during the day?

    If I was to get one next year while in the apartments, I wouldn't be able to have a HUGE cage because I'd need something to bring back and forth with me for when I go home for breaks and stuff. Time out of cage would not be a problem, but I wouldn't want an unhappy rat either! As far as glass aquariums go (I know they need to be cleaned out more often) how big would it need to be for a single female rat? What kind of bedding is best? My friend has this recycled paper type bedding that seems soft and great for nests! It's like a grayish color. That seems easier to deal with than wood shavings!

    What kinds of toys are good for stimulation? Also, are pet store rats definitely discouraged? The petsmart near here sells very nice fancy rats and they keep them separated by sex. I was very impressed with the cleanliness and care of the animals there, which was unusual for a pet store!

    I think my friend is going to talk to one of her RA friends about keeping her hamster. If the rule is not enforced, I may think about getting one sooner, like at the end of this year before the summer. However, if I need two and a very large cage, I don't think it will be doable and I will have to wait a few more years (I don't want to get one if I will regret doing so at this point.) I've waited so long already, I'm sure I could wait a few more years!
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    Hello! So nice to see there are rodent fanciers on here!
    I used to breed rats, but now I'm down to my last two. They are FABULOUS pets. In fact my vet would always say "if you dont have room for a dog, a rat is the next closest thing". You should definitely buy from a good breeder that has HEALTHY and SOCIALIZED babies, you don't want one from a pet store that will get upper respitory infections or tumors, which rats are prone to. Even if you do get one from a breeder, be willing to spend a couple hundred bucks on surgery should your rat need to get a tumor removed (it's happened to me before, even from my ratties from good breeders).

    Here's a 'cage size calculator' link, which has helped me more than once: http://www.cavyrescue.co.uk/rat-cages.shtml

    To answer some of your questions:
    No, mice generally are no where near as social as rats. Rat will play with you, kiss you, cuddle with you, wont bite, and wont go to the bathroom outside of their cage (mine never have) where as mice don't really play at all.

    And yes it is possible to get dumbo hairless. They are cuties! ^^

    Here's some pictures since I have to show off my old babies:

    Spookie giving kisses:

    They love drinking out of my glasses, especially orange juice, haha:

    Olay would beg for treats and would sit down right where she was and eat them, even if she was sitting on your shoe!

    BooBoo, my blue dumbo rex female crawled into a bird house I made:

    and heres a VIDEO that shows how my rats love to play:
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    I've had rats by themselves before and they were fine, but that's because I usually let them out up to two hours a day and played with them. It's easier to get two rats, and they will stay very bonded to you, it doesn't make them like you less at all.

    Yes they sleep during the day and play at night, so you dont want the cage in your room or they will keep you up all night. but you can wake them up and play with them during the day.

    Use that recycled paper that your friend uses. Most woods give respiratory infections.

    do NOT buy from Petsmart. Or PetCo. Breeders are the way to go, and you can google to find breeder listings, and you also said you could find one from one of the small animal shows in your area, so I would do that if at all possible.
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    Apr 2, 2007
    Rats are GREAT!! I would totally recommend getting one. I had two males and everyone is right when they say they are noisy and love to wrestle at night while you are trying to sleep. I had an albino and a black one - both neutered because they loved to nip me when I had food for them. They settled down considerably after that. They were smart and sweet and I cried my eyes when they finally passed. They were totally worth it all the tears though!!!! Good Luck!
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    Yes I got my male neutered as well because he could become agressive. Of course it didn't help that I kept him alone. I think if he had a friend he would know the boundaries when it came to 'play wrestling'. After I got him neutered though he was the SWEETEST rat. Just wanted to cuddle and groom my hands for hours. Took about $150 out of my pocket though.

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