Looking for relable source for a quaity coop


8 Years
May 28, 2011
I am new to raising chickens and looking for some help. I need a resource for purchasing a coop that others have used before. One resource I found online (www.backyardpetstructures.com) has great designs but I have not found anyone with experience ordering from here. please help.

Thanks in advance!
I am in Chicago. I did look at building, but by the time I buy materials and labor, its about the same (maybe even a bit more expensive). I dont mind buying it, just want to find a good resource and a smart design.
Designs are everywhere, I suggest once you decide about how may birds you'll house then look at every design you can find and steal bits & pieces and build your own. Then you get exactly what you want and have the pride of doing it yourself. A ides a friend did was they had a retired gentleman do the building and it cost materials and a lot of iced tea and good conversation.
You can build one much cheaper than some of those premade that in the long run won't hold up. there are lot's of designs on here from very pretty & functional to really cheap in construction materials , you just gotta find on here what is gonna work 4 u. Go get'em buddy. U can do it

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