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    Sorry for the rambling - but i have 20 ideas running through my head and trying to get it written down turned into like 5 paragraphs..LOL:duc

    Hello! Winter is fastly approaching and I want to get prepared before it gets too cold to be working outside.
    Right now I have a large Chicken House that I keep all my chickens & ducks in. It is not really winter proof - so i need to come up with a plan. I have a pretty large barn that I am planning on relocating my ducks to before the winter comes. I just think putting the chickens and the ducks in the barn is just not on option since they are all together now and they are making a mess in the chicken coop. So i want to split them up.

    Well here is the thing. My large chicken coop is old and needs a huge amount of TLC. So now I want to make a few tractors that i can move around the yard to keep my chickens in until the old coop is re done. Plus since finding out a lot of my chickens are roosters and I want to keep as many as I can, i feel that if i separate them into different coops, it will eliminate any fighting.

    Right now my chickens have free range over out entire 10 acres, but they choose to stay by our house and are starting to make a huge mess, so the tractors will then confine them.

    The new coop is going to have a large enclosed area for them to roam around. We are going to divide it into sections to keep the roosters happy too.

    Alot of plans I have.. just need to get them done.. LOL..

    So what i am looking for is something cheap, simple, and easy to move around. I plan on keeping the tractors once the bigger coop is done.. so i can keep the chickens moving around the yard even after the larger coop is done.. plus I need the tractors to work for when my mommy chickens have babies in the spring.. to keep them confined.

    I know there are a TON of great ideas on this website.. I just dont have time to go through every single one.. so i was hoping if you or if you know of one that you could send me the lines. I would be greatly appriciate it!!
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    Sep 16, 2007
    i would suggest 2'x2'x2' boxes made from 2'
    "x2"s and useing 1/2"hardwarecloth 19ga. you can make adoor useing the same materials [​IMG]
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    This is one of my tractor/coops. It is 4x8 in the run and 4x2 in the little attached hutch. For breeding time I keep at most 4 in the coop since I don't let them out. When brooding chicks up to 2 months I top out at about 15 chicks but free range them in the day... then I get rid of all the roos and the birds graduate to the layer coop. I also use this for when I raise my batches of 4-6 cornish x meat birds. I also let thoes free range at about a month old.

    Pick up free paint from the recycling center and use craigs list for free lumber. If I had to buy all the parts, I think it would be about $60 total in materials... with a third of that being the darned half inch plywood!!!

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