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    Mar 23, 2009
    I am looking for atleast a pair of bearded silkies. Looking to possibly acquire 4 birds total max at the moment, with 1 being a male. I'm new to all this and have have a few quail eggs arriving anyday to hatch. But was planning on getting a few baby chicks tomorrow from a breeder, and saw pics of the silkies and have GOT to have em!!!!! Needless to say the guy I was gonna get chicks from doesn't have silkies.

    So anyone that knows of a place either in Dallas or close to dallas I am interested. I will even consider shipping if the price is right. So far I've had NO LUCK finding any in my area. I'm in between dallas and mesquite.


    I can be contacted either here on this post or at [email protected]
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    You might get more responses if you put what state your in, in the subject line. [​IMG]

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