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  1. tinalee

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    Jul 10, 2008
    Hello,I am looking for a few chicks or adults.I currently have 13 silkies.Im looking to get a few bigger chickens for eggs.I cant bring myself to eat the silkie eggs...lol...I hope I will be able to eat the bigger chicks eggs because they will be bigger.I have a deep love for animals so they will be my babies and well cared for.My silkies live in a $2000 childs playhouse that has windows,3 doors,6' ceiling,heat lights etc...These chics will be just as spoiled.Im looking for about 15 chics/chickens.I like Brahmas,orpingtons,cochins, faverolles and partridge rocks of the standard size to larger size.Im located in Ligonier Pa.I am willing to pay for shipping,my zip is 15658.If you have anything you may be willing to place please let me know.Happy hatching!
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    Jul 6, 2007
    Eastern PA
    I have Buff Orpington chicks and Blue Laced Red started pairs (2/09 hatch) available. You aren't by chance heading toward Schuylkill County anytime soon?

    Orp babies in the back

    ~ Nikki

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