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    Feb 22, 2010
    Hi everyone [​IMG]

    Well after our first year raising chickens, we are of course addicted [​IMG] and are now planning quite a bit more expansion (him with his meat birds and me with my layers and bantam loveys [​IMG]) What i need are suggestions for my new coop......i was given a beautiful run, very sturdy and covered with chicken wire, that i am actually planning on turning into a coop. I intend to elevate it up, likely another 3 feet and enclose it , put a solid floor on it, steps and a human door, along with a couple of pop-doors. It is pretty big with the center elevated, total thing right now measures 12'x12', and is 5' high in the center with a gradual slope down to 4' on the sides. How should i ventilate it, and what would be the best layout inside for cleaning, feeding, nest boxes, and egg gathering? I would also like to make a few enclosed cages so i can seperate moms and chicks or possibly a space for a brooder and storage. I do not need a run as i free range.
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    Do you possibly have a photo of it to share? Maybe that will help get some creativity flowing.

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