Looking for Texas A & M Quail & Snowflake Quail hatching eggs. Found at Vailsquail.com

The communication is slow with Vail's Quail. Sometimes takes days to get a reply. Shipping instructions on my 1st box were ignored, followed on the 2nd. Packing is not as good as it should/could be. If they would double box, damage could be less. Prices are good though and chicks from my 1st hatch have done great.

My 1st box was 4 dozen A&M eggs, only got 2 extras. Lost half that box (25 eggs) due to the packing being minimal and not double boxed, box was crushed on 1 side.
But of the 25 eggs left, 24 hatched so that was a great hatch considering half were ruined. The egg that did not hatch did develop.

My 2nd box arrived, smaller box, different kind of box. This box was 1 dozen Snowflake eggs, no extra and 1 was broken and looked to have been broken getting put into the foam. Hopefully it wasn't like that before going into the foam and shipped anyway... Would have been nice to have had extras added.
This box did contain 15 eggs to replace the 25 lost in the previous box, none of those were broken.
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