Looking into raising a few rabbits for meat


5 Years
Feb 13, 2014
Tajoura, Tripoli, Libya
Im pretty new to BYC and aquired 17 chickens in two months. We have a male rabbit we bought from the local market as a pet. Hes now a whopping 2kilos in November he will be two years old. Family has asked if we were going to eat him, no but we might consider letting him sire a few to sell. We have given him needed shots, he is quite tame and if we got a female how old before she can breed and how often is safe breeding? Weve handled birds, cats and my daughter wants to study to be a vet. Is this a reasonable venture? I cant do much online looking due to limits of online use here and no videos but I can view pics. Links here to view I can do. Any help, suggestions would be appreciated. I will check back tomorrow since my time zone for most is 8 hours ahead. Nite all.
Dwarfs, 5months, minis 6 months, giants 8 months . And a safe breeding for a doe is about 3-4 litters a year , I personally only do 2 for each doe. I breed mini Rex's.
Just posted my male will try here again since someone said once you post in gallery it easier. Otherwise hes there. Have no clue hes meat as far as people here are concerned. Golden brown, grey undertones with white belly and black crest on chest. Hes probably a mutt but they go for good money here and doubt if any take the care we do he wont be a rabbit mill for sure. Wise careful planning, socially responsible here. Although that means diddly here lol. But we care.

Due to constraints on uploads I have to crop and reduce sizes of images hope you can see him ok.
Well back from market which is monday and thursday here. I went later than usual and it was busy and getting hotter. Got my veggies and headed to LOOK down the animals isle. I really need to stop doing that lol. Was talking to my daughter about our male rabbit and got onto a thread about breeding them. Mentioned his nesting behind his cage andended up having to post xrated views of my guy. But yes he is definitely a male but hes been building this den behind his cage out of whatever he can knock down or drag behind as well as plucked his chest. So we took time to guarantee hes a boy since it wouldn't be the first time I thought something was a male and surprised us. While there the men that saw me buying the chicks last time has rabbits. Well I was only looking but this blue eyed sweetie just melted in my hands and just gave me that you know im going home with you look. So take a look in my album at Nymeria, they said shes Italian. Will have to find breed soon enough.
And we went to the vet office and wanted to get shots but need 2 more weeks. Guessing shes around 1 month? But we got talking chickens and I asked about vaccines. They gave me Neovit powder, solvent vac.bt.bci liquid and cevac uni L. Is this everything? They gave me dosage info but if anyone can help me verify if this is correct I will appreciate it, they speak some english. Thanks again folks. I hope to build a level of confidence with people here and raise good, clean healthy animals.
Im guessing a month old? Only had bunnies once and they were lops so again I have nothing to go on age, breed lol. My niece when she saw her said italian, so shes shipped from italy. Dutch? Will look it up. If she is too little of a breed I will look for another female like him. There were not many today and very crowded too many men so hard to move around. I picked up one that kept trying to get away so I put it down and saw her huddled down between two black sisters. I saw the blue eyes and my heart knew. I let my animals whisper to me.

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