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9 Years
Jun 12, 2010
Safford, Arizona
My EE has been very quiet for the last few days. she has not lay an egg over month. She is about 2 years old. she just stands in the corner acting like she is trying to get warm. ( its 60 degrees now) She will eat and drink. She looks very sad... I wish I knew whats wrong ???
You might want to bring her in. Maybe she is feeling icky. If you bring her in you can monitor her easier.... maybe she just needs a hug
Well some vets will do a fecal test for worms for a small fee if you want to go that route. Also look at the poo to see if you see worms, although it takes a heavy infestation to see them in the poo sometimes I have read (not sure about that though). They can definitely be present without seeing them in the poo, in other words.

Now with wormers you must be careful with a sick chicken. Wormers are hard on chickens, and the worming medication might just kill the chicken if she is fragile and it is NOT worms. So it is a judgement call. It might be another problem entirely.

You can inspect around the vent for mites and lice, and under the wings.

Here is a nice website with diagnosis charts at the bottom for general diseases. You might see if you recognize any of these signs:
My list of things to check if you dont have a clue whats wrong.

Check for mites and lice
Check crop for impaction or sour crop
Check for egg bound or internal laying
Check mouth and vent for anything unusual
Check poop for normalcy or parasites
Check eyes and nostrils for discharge.

Give warm bath and if the crop is good give something warm to eat( cooked oatmeal, cooked eggs or yogurt) and vitamin/electrolye water (or a little sugar water in a pinch for energy). If everything checks out ok on the list and the bath and water dont work then I might consider worming after a couple of days of trying to build up system.

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