Looking to add some egg color to my basket....suggestions for GOOD layers of colored eggs

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    I have had so much fun with my brown egg layers that I want to add some color to my egg basket now. (I both sell and give away baskets of farm fresh eggs as gifts)

    I've read mixed opinions, research, about colored egg layers and how much they really lay...or don't...so I'd like to hear from the "trenches."

    What would be good breeds that would be friendly, docile, and more importantly decent layers of colored eggs.

    I've got a nice assortment of the browns, and one that lays a light cream, and a supposed Welsummer mix that is more Welsummer than mix as its eggs are medium dark brown...so I guess I'm looking for the blues, pinks, dark browns, greens. (...oh and I totally get that there is no guarantee with color with EE's...)

    I'm not expecting these to be my major layers (my BR's, GS, BS, RIR will do that), but I'm almost maxed out on my chicken number for my land size, so I need to add reasonably productive hens (dare I sound truly productive with color???) to justify the space and the feed.

    Lady of McCamley...wishing for a pretty basket [​IMG]
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    If you want a colorful egg basket you should get some Easter Eggers they lay from blue to olive colored eggs, if you don't have a lot of space than you could get bantam EE's.

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