Looking to get chickens! relatively first time, let's say. Can you help with age/breed/egg color/fa

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    Hi all,
    I just joined BYC. We have decided to get chickens! Yay, how exciting. We had been wanting them and thinking it would just be practical considering how many eggs we eat. So we just got the go ahead from our landlord!

    So let me lay it all on the table and well welcome any thoughts, advice, opinions.

    We have decided on 3 birds.
    First I thought chicks because let's face it they are adorable, and you really bond...but then
    We had thought about getting more established pullets or just taking in an unwanted hen, so as to avoid the egg waiting. But then I considered 2 things,
    1. I would like us to bond, ideally have the chicken follow us around, not go into neighboring yards (says the landlord) and I felt perhaps an adult would not take to that as well.
    2. We are always conscious about the egg/dairy/meats that we consume, and intend to raise the birds on grass, bugs, organic compost as much as possible. However if they come from just any where I don't know what they will have been raised on/ given(in terms of antibiotics etc.)

    Now besides those queries, I am considering breed. We would love to have chickens that one could describe (as I have seen some people do so wonderfully) as "lap chickens". We have a 4 year old who is so excited to take care of them. We are looking for docile, friendly, chicken friends...who can lay a decent amount.

    Among the 3 I would like at least 1 blue/green egg layer !!!! (maybe even a mossy green, olive egger that I have recently read exsist!)

    We are located in the Pioneer Valley of western Mass. If you have any ideas as to what may suit us well, and/or where to find it, THANK YOU!

    p.s. Basically I want to give this good consideration without over thinking and going mad! so I decided to let the BYC forum in on it. : ) Most any chicken could be a good chicken, given a chance, right?
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