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    Nov 14, 2011
    We have had 2 hens killed since the end of October by a predator. We now are keeping our hens in the kennel unless we are outside with them. We would like to replace them and get 3 Pullets so they will be laying around summer time. We live in Wisconsin and we are fairly new to raising chickens. Can anyone give me any advice on where to get them from this time of the year, we would like to get them around January? I heard you can get them mail order but no one has had good luck with it and the chicks end up dying (probably because of the cold weather). We currently have one Rooster and 10 Hens. My son whould like to get Polish, I would like a Sussex Speckled or Black Austrop, either would be ok as long as they can withstand Wisconsin winters and are good layers. If anyone has any recommendations I would love to hear them! Thanks for the help [​IMG]
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    I would check your local Craigslist, mostly because it'd be nice if the pullets you end up with are used to your winters. You might also want to look in the "Where Am I/Where Are You" section - see if Wisconsin has a thread going and post there [​IMG]
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    Post in the Wanted to Buy section of BYC.

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