Looking to "name" the farm- help


8 Years
Jun 7, 2011
Hillman Michigan
So- we are kind of an off the wall goofy family- example- we call the chickens our herd and they live in the chicken corral! It is just our style. We have a small plot of land- 10 acres most (ok- really ALL) wooded- we got chickens, a dog and a cat. Not sure what other barn yard animals we will get- don't know.

Our last name is Alexander- I don't really care if we use it- My girls' names are Rainey and Breeze- again- don't care- but they are cool names

We live in Northern Michigan- in a rural area.

Ask away if you have questions- but I am in the mood- to NAME THE FARM!
So if it's wooded, kind of like a "jungle"?

Where will they grow the food? In the shade?

As far as a name for your farm.... that is a tough one since I don't really know your family.

How about shortening your last name and calling it "Zander Farm" ?

Or something along those lines....

No- we are looking at some other properties in the countryside to buy to have the girls "farm"- veggies and fruit. But we would keep the name at both places.
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