Looks like I have a new roo!


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11 Years
Jan 23, 2009
Roy WA
I think this BLRW chick may be my new rooster - what do you guys think?

The comb is much more pronounced on this chick at 6 wks than on the others, and so are the wattles. Seems to be a dominant bird also....

Hope this pic turns out!



12 Years
Jun 4, 2007
Western MA
I got 5 blrw chicks last year and only 1 looked like a girl to me. I thought they all were boys because they looked and acted more roo-ish. It turned out to be 1 roo and 4 pullets
I think they were almost 5 months old and i was still feeling confused.
I suggest trying to enjoy them and dont worry about it til you are sure. I think there is still a very good chance that it could be a girl too. My girls looked more boyish than that at that age.
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