Looks like something took a bite of the chicken... Will she live?


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8 Years
Apr 18, 2011
I came home to find a chunk of my approx 2 mos old chicken missing. I had her in a kennel with two other hatches so the older hens would not peck at them. What can I do to help her live?
Chickens are incredibly resilient and even though it looks bad, it doesn't appear life threatening...imo. Clean the wound with the wash of your choice, hydrogen-peroxide, beta-dine, saline solution, etc.. Then apply an antiseptic such as blu-kote, vetericyn, neosporine, etc. I like Blu-kote because it seems to disguise the wound from other chickens and they don't pick at it. I would separate her for a day or two, but then try and get her back with her buddies to keep her spirits up. You may need to provide some additional barriers around the kennel for protection because your carnivore will probably be back. Good luck!

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