Loose Sebright!


6 Years
Jul 24, 2013
Northern Cali
So I was feeding the chickens this afternoon and my sebright just charged out of the pen! I live in a very rural area, but the other day I had a great horned owl ravage one of my chicken flocks! So is there anyway to encourage her to come back? Or do I just wait until tonight and hope she's roosting somewhere near?
If you can get an idea of the area she is in, try bribing her with treats. Do you have any mealworms? My hens will follow me anywhere for mealworms.

She probably won't go too far. Whenever my girls fly over the fence, they are usually in a panic to get back in shortly thereafter. They only leave once and then learn to stay put. The outside is a scary place for them. If all else fails, she should return tonight.

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