Loosing fluff


5 Years
Apr 13, 2014
Southwest Missouri
I got up this morning to find a couple babies with raw spots on their wings. I was wondering if it was because they are loosing their fluff and getting feathers or if my duck is picking on them? I separated them from the duck and I know they are not doing anything to each other, but the duck has been protective of them, especially the smallest one, until now. I am not sure if it is trying to groom it or if it is picking the fluff out. Is there something I can do to help it? Something I can put on its wing or should I leave it alone?
Thank you I read that to my youngest, who has been in tears since getting up this morning, and he feels better :) Do you think the duck is trying to hurt them or that it is just the fluff falling out? I am a complete newbie and at a loss with this.
It's probably just the fluff falling out but you never know. There's a list that goes on and on of illnesses that cause fluff to fall out but I wouldn't be concerned if that's the only symptom your chicks have. Just because a little fluff falls out doesnt mean there's anything wrong. Don't put medicine on it because its not good to expose small chicks to medicine. Like I said they are probably fine and you just need to see if any other unusual things happen. But tell your son not to worry because its something that happens to many chicks. That even happened to mine and they were perfectly fine.
Thank you for all the help! She looks a lot better today and he was the first one to get up and check on her. He was happy to report that her feathers were coming in on one wing. He is such a softie when it comes to animals. LOL

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