Los Angeles chickens in need of new home - FREE


6 Years
Sep 5, 2013

I recently purchased my first home and the sellers had 23 chickens. I'm looking for a home for all of them. They don't all have to go to the same place, as long as it's a good home. I'm new to urban farming and am concentrating on the gardening side of things, chickens and my two dogs just aren't working out, so sadly i'd like to find them a new home.

They're great egg layers (for the little i know), i get around 14-20 eggs per day on average. i'm still new to all this so not sure of the breed, they seem to be of quite the variety.

i'm in the Tujunga area up above the 210 freeway.

thanks for all the replies, will post pics tomorrow. not sure on the breeds....couple of white ones, a lot of red ones, and some black ones and some that are grey/black sorta speckled.


I am unable to use those links to view the photo's - the link goes to a g-mail login page.
oh sorry about that, they showed fine on my end, didn't realize all you saw was a link. I wasn't sure how to post pics. i'll send them to the personal emails people sent me. if you'd like to see pics, send me your email. thanks!

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