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10 Years
Jan 30, 2009
This has happened a couple of times but I am catching up on a topic and the thread locks I can't go to the next page of replies. I try to find it in the Topic section again and that has proven hopeless. It is like losing power in the middle of the cliffhanger and then waiting during the rerun season to hopefull catch the whole episode. Well I hope the thread I was following had a happy ending I'll never know I can't find it. I tried subcribing to it and after it locked it wouldn't even recognize that. Sigh . . . . . Lookiing for a new thread to follow since I don't do soap operas this is so much better and it is real life.
No this was a family friendly post about someone reading her posts and causing trouble. I know how to find my posts it was the one that I had posted a reply to and then I saw it on the recent posts and I was catching up on it and after page nine it froze up and I was half way done with the story Ahhhhh!!!!!
that is the one that was removed because of content. Recent content. If you have questions you can PM a mod
they will answer your questions.
See I missed the last half of the story. I read the last page and thought wow what did I miss since page 4 so I went back to the beginning and was reading it to see where it had gone south from where it started and then in the middle it was gone and now I know why. Just like your favorite TV shows your favorite character leaves and it just isn't the same.

I think I'll follow the ebay egg thread that is a hoot!
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The thread in question was removed from the forum for review by the Staff.

Like others suggested, PM one of us if you notice that a thread you were following is missing.
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