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Nov 17, 2020
Hello everyone! I hope someone call help me figure out what’s going on with my chickens. Four out of five have started to lose all their feathers on their chest all the way back to their rear end. I don’t find any feathers anywhere in the coop or run, so I’m assuming they’re eating them. They used to be in a small coop a few months ago when I first notice the issue and I actually saw one of them picking the feathers off the others while they were roosting above her. I haven’t seen it happen in months though. They’ve been in a much bigger coop since May. They took to their new coop right away. They’re 14 months old and are pretty good eaters, they get a layer feed and few treats (they usually get fruit and veggies, and grubs when they do get treats). They free range part of the day, they do not seem to be sick and lay almost every day. I did lose one to fatty liver hemorrhagic syndrome a few months ago, but the rest of the chickens seem to get used to her not being around fairly quickly. I’m attaching photos to show what I’m talking about. Thanks!


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Sep 26, 2015
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That all looks pretty natural/normal to me. It's possible you've got a feather picker - you could try moving your roost bars a little farther apart so they cannot reach each other to pull feathers. I have seen chickens literally stand still and let another pull feathers out. As long as there's no blood and you see no parasites and everyone's acting and laying like a normal chicken -- I think you're good!

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