Losing Feathers on Some?


11 Years
May 28, 2011
Hi! Wondering if anyone has seen the same things I am seeing in my flock. I have some chickens who are losing feathers but the rest of my flock appears to be fine. I have been treating for mites, etc. and have not found anything anywhere but still using dusts and sprays as a preventative. I have watched the group and do not see anyone picking on them to pull out the feathers. But lately I have had a few that are just losing them around their neck, and one in the center of the back. Any thoughts on what I could do next. They are still eating, chatting often and seem quite healthy except that they are slowing becoming naked. thanks!
How old are they? Chickens will have "mini-molts" the first year, and will have a full molt around 16-18 months of age, then every year thereafter. It is that time of year--many of mine are in the middle of it. If you pick up one of your birds losing feathers you may see many tiny new feathers coming in next to their skin.
They are actually my oldest chickens who are at least a three years old. My youngsters are actually looking really good right now.
X 3 on they are probably just in the middle of molting. Do you see any new feathers growing in on any of them? Most of my older ones are half pin feathers right now.
Yes I do see some feathers but I have never seen them lose them with blocks of skin showing. Does molting get more "harsh" as they get older?
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