Losing feathers


Jul 24, 2018
For the past six months to a year, are hand has been losing feathers. they started coming out on her back near her tail feathers in her skin is really red where the feathers have come out. We've recently noticed that under her wings she is also losing feathers but her skin is white. She's in a coupe with two other hens and they do not seem to be having any issues. she's our favorite hen and we're not sure what to do to help her. we've also noticed that she seems to be losing weight but she still laying better than any of the other hens. Please help us.
Do you have a photo?
Losing the feathers on the back near the tail is often rooster damage....do you have a roo?
We do have a rooster, he's a Columbian Wyandotte. He's about three times her size and due to that we keep them separated. At first we thought that was the problem and after keeping him up it just kept getting worse. I do have a picture of her but for some reason it won't let me send it.

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