Losing Goslings!! Need Help Incubating The Rest


12 Years
Apr 18, 2007
I have lost 1 to squishing... I have one coming out in the nest right now of the shell - don't want that one squished either.

I am buying an incubator right now.

She has 4 eggs left that either have not yet or are starting to pip.

SOMEONE PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE GIVE ME EXACT INSTRUCTIONS ON WHAT TO DO with the 4 remaining eggs (temperature/humidigy/etc. to turn incubator on and put them in)

Need exact instructions on what to do with gosling that is hatching right now - leave her in there or take her out. 2 older kids are running around in there.

What to do with gosling eggs when they hatch and are wet and then get dry..... leave them in incubator?

What temperature do you put goslings under at 1-2 days and what about right when hatched?

Someone help me please --- we're losing them!!!!!!!!!
Look at the sticky at the top of this page for temps and humidity.

After they have dried off, they can stay in the bator until the others hatch, assuming that they all hatch within about 12-24 hours.

Maybe someone else will come alng that can help better.
I'm going to say something here and I hope to goodness I don't offend anyone. Sometimes I think we as humans try so hard to help Mother Nature out - we end up making things worse.

I have geese that are very calm and sweet with zero agression issues. My geese are Roman Tufted, Tufted Buffs and Sebbies - with that being said - there is no way in the world that I would have known how may eggs have been pipped, etc. I think the best thing you can do for the remaining eggs and possible hatchlings is to leave the goose alone. Let nature take it course. If she is protecting her nest by stomping around and doing a bunch of wing flapping - it isn't going to turn our good for anyone. Geese have been hatching eggs and caring for goslings for hundreds of years without our help. My vote is to leave her in peace and hope for the best.

Again, I hope I haven't offended anyone - I just wanted to offer my "take" on things.

Best Regards,
That is some good advice Joni
I understand not wanting to lose anymore babies but I have had moms - and not just geese but ducks, chickens, pigs, dogs, you name it - who get stressed out when you're around them or their babies and accidentally step on them or kill them
Maybe you should leave her alone for a day and just see what happens, let her settle down. If another one gets into trouble or you just dont see anyother way then go ahead and fire up the bator. Just remember to let it run for 24 hours before you put anything in there - although im sure you already know that
Thank you for all the good posts and good advice - actually #3 hatched out yesterday - seems to be doing fine. She has been at this 3 days now hatching. I though it was only going to tae 24-48 hours but I have food/water for little ones in there and some for her so she isn't compelled to leave and go off with them I guess. Gander is babysitting taking them in and out for water and they are eating grass now - he is showing them how to pick it.

She is still sitting on nest - 4 eggs still in there- they are viable and apparently alive. I am letting her do her thing just keeping food/water in there. My gander is being very good he doesn't mind the "chuck wagon" coming in and out cleaning water and filling food bowls for the family. He lets me sit and watch them 5' away and he loves me so he's not afraid of me.

Got the incubator last night - haven't had time to read directions. If she leaves nest and doesn't decide to sit anymore - what do I do with the eggs she has left or will she continue to sit on them as long as everyone is confined in the nursery pen? The newbies keep running up and getting under her - they ahve a specific routine now.
Well you was in a hurry to go out and get the bator and all the worrying. If I was you I would fire that sucker up and leave it running. If she does up and walk away with her babies THEN....you might be able to take the eggs and put them in the bator and hatch them out.
Sorry if I'm repeating anything here but I don't have time to read all the replies but here's my 2 cents.
If you are new at this its scary.
Just take a deep breath....you'll be OK.

No need to worry.
Simply take the goslings away from mama after they hatch and put them in a brooder with a heat lamp.
See my website for helpful tips on starting goslings.
Good luck!

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