losing one every 6months to sickness

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I am totally baffled. Am taking one of my best girls to the vet today. About a year ago i had a hen go really lethargic, quit laying, diahreah (clear and real greed solids) comb flopped over. ate good at first. took 2 months to kill her. She just got weaker and weaker, quit eating ( not even scrambled eggs, or meal worms) then quit drinking, all clear and small bright green poops.

6 months later? another one same thing.

NOW? another one started with the same symptoms four weeks ago. I thought maybe she was egg bound.I did the soaks, rubs, etc. Within the last week she had gotten just like the other two that died. I learned how to do my first injections over the weekend. Tylan50. NO good. comb is blue and totally flopped over. she cant get up on the roost. Just stands in one spot all day wont eat now as well. I expect to loose her, but I really am inclined to think this is the same thing as the other two.

Dawg, if you see this, it's the same darn thing all over again. Lost Mary in November to this. I finally put her down when she could no longer stand.

they have been wormed as well.
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Vet gave her IV fluids and checked poop. She did an internal exam and said no internal laying, no worms, no cocci.

She had a fever of 106. Once the fluids went in she actually perked back up. She gave me some stuff to keep her fever down Go figure, I can do shots now after yesterday, so these should be easy!!!!!

When I got her home and tried to get her to eat, she actually went for some canned corn and yogurt. Wouldnt touch scrambled eggs, mash or anything else. She did seem to perk back up a little. Vet said to keep up with the Tylan50 injections. Maybe they hadnt kicked in yet.

All I can do is cross my fingers and say a prayer.

Vet also said it's hard to know if they were all connected over the last year or so.

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