Loss of balance from day 1


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May 19, 2021
One of my 3 week old chicks still does not have good balance. She can stand but usually when she moves she uses a wing to get balance.
I separated her and one other mellow chick as the others would knock her over. I added vitamins and electrolytes to her water.
Can I raise her alone or with just one or two others? I'll have to build another coop then. She seems healthy. Her feet and legs appear normal. Maybe she'll lay eggs eventually plus I feel for her.


Free Ranging
Mar 29, 2020
N. California
You could raise her alone but at that point she transition into being a pet.

Have you done a physical exam on her?
You want to run your fingers along her leg bone and feel her hip.
And also do a flex test to make sure her joints and feet are moving properly.

Her inability to stand or move properly could be neurological also.

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