Lost 3 chickens today.


10 Years
Jan 31, 2009
Corning OH
I am missing 3 chickens, 2 comet pullets and 1 spare EE cockerel. Feathers are everywhere. There was one spot with what appeared to be a dead buckeye but it was actually a ton of dk red feathers. My buckeyes have just started molting so what ever it was probably grab one of them and just got feathers. Lucky for her.

There was no blood so it was probably dogs or coyotes that just did a grab and go raid. This is so upsetting.
I'm sorry for your loss

It could have been a hawk - I lost 2 to a hawk - all that was left was pile of feathers

However thought I had lost 2 more but they came back to the coop and are doing fine .
I hope yours come home
A hawk got one of our call ducks last week and left nothing but a pile of feathers. When a coyote takes them they leave absolutely nothing, snatch and run. Dogs also leave a mess if not the whole body once they've killed. As we recently discovered, a bobcat also leaves very little evidence. Sorry for your loss. I hope one or two turn up unharmed.
Thanks, I am watching for something today. (I have a 12 gauge ready) but they should be full for now. I think it was probably a pack of dogs. We have quite a few in the area. The biggest mess of feathers was from my buckeye which appears to have been injuried.

When I found her last night she was already on the roost and I didn't take her off because I knew she was pretty shook up. But this morning she did get off so I thought I would take a look at her. I can't find a mark on her. No scratches or bites or bruises and I can see parts of her skin now because of the feather loss, but she is moving very slowing and layering around. She isn't eating or drinking and I have tried to phyically give her water. The last time I went out she was looking a little better but all I can do is wait.
Call ducks are very small. Would a hawk take a khalki campbell? I have a hawk that lives right out back and flies over ever day. My brother told me to shoot it but it has given my any trouble. My chickens are full grown so I haven't given him much thought but I really don't want to loose anymore livestock right now.

My neighbor has domestic rabbits that escaped and are running wild. So it should have a steady food source. The colored rabbits have never seemed to decrease in population.
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