Lost 7 chickens over 4 months!

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5 Years
Sep 9, 2014
I am at a complete loss and coule use anyone's feedback or ideas. We went through winter with a flock of 6 chickens. We live in WI and they live in a convert out building. In the spring we got 5 new chickens from a local breeder in March. In April we added a rooster from a friend that had an extra. The rooster and the 5 chicks moved outside in early spring. The rooster didnt last more than a week before it started showing signs of drunkenness. After a a couple of days it could no longer stand. We kept it in a separate pen and it ate and drank water. It was actually quite happy like that for over a week without any signs of improvement before we stopped the suffering. About 1 month later a silky rooster that was part of original 6 came down with the same symptoms. This one deteriorated much more quickly. We did observe that this one had bright green feces. Over the next 3 months we have lost the 4 hens that were part of the new batch that we got from the local breeder. These showed no signs and all died suddenly overnight. We still have 1 silky left from the new group.

The chickens are fed layer feed. They are allowed to roam the yard in the evenings. I dont know if there is something toxic in our garden they are eating. The garden is fenced off so they only have access to what is growing on outside. They have access to food. We give the some scraps and they also are given some corn.

I dont if anyone has any ideas of how to treat or stop this, I would be forever grateful.
Thanks so much!
This is great since UW is in my backyard! We are looking at this if we have any issues going forward. Thanks for the wonderful resources. Merck's seems like the most obvious problem here.

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