lost a duck


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10 Years
Mar 19, 2009
Monday the wife called as I was leaving work to tell me there was a racoon in the chicken/duck pen and had killed one of my ducks.
She had thrown things at it and yelled with no effect (She just doesn't have it in her to shoot something) He just got comfortable and ate his prize. I told her just to watch him.He stuck around for all most an hour In the mean time I got a couple updates on the way home , he went and got an egg came back to the duck etc.
the mail lady stoped at the drive , he never moved . the neighbor came in, he never moved. (my wife was watching him through binoculars) The second my feet hit the ground he got nervous, as I hit the front door he started up the tree to leave. I picked up a H&R tamer 20 and a box of #3 buckshot on the way through. I met him as he reached the bottom of the tree on the outside of the pen : Arrogant little [email protected]#[email protected]#d gave me a "what the hell do you what" look
:mad: About 3/10th of a second later he found out what I wanted!!! I was close enough that he caught most of the buckshot in the face. It was a boar coon that weighed about 15lbs and had no tail at all. He won't be back for seconds


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