Lost a ducky last night :(

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    I came home last night and one of my baby ducks... about 6 weeks old was dead in the brooder. Its actually my hen house, but its fairly small 4x5 all insulated and all of the openings are boarded off. And there is a heat lamp in there. It stays really warm in there. I have 6 chicks, about 5 weeks, 2 runners about 3 weeks, and then my 2 (now 1) khaki campbells about 6 weeks. They have been out there for a little over a week. They seem to have been enjoying their time in a little bit bigger area. And nobody has been acting different. I have one chick who is a little slower than the rest, but the ducks have been no problems so far. When I came home she was just lying there all kinda twisted up which I thought was weird. DH took her out while I dug a hole. Then I got everybody else out and cleaned out the inside really well. And got new water and food containers. So far this morning everybody seems ok... the all just seem a little sad.
    I should add, that they were a bit sneezy with runny noses so from a recommendation from TSC I started them on antibiotics a week ago and yesterday was their last day they were getting yogurt mixed in with their food 1-2 times a day. and no one had had any problems with it.

    Does anyone have any ideas, or is it just one of those things?
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    I don't know what to tell you, but sorry you lost one of your babies. [​IMG]

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