Lost a Guinea yesterday.


Pine Hill Farm
11 Years
Apr 24, 2009
Poor Bacon Bits met his demise by a 6 month old Standard Poodle pup. I could kill the dog, she's mine and very naughty! She was chasing them, I was chasing her, DH was chasing her to get her to stop. She grabbed Bacon Bits by the back and as soon as she tasted blood, she dropped him and made a horrible face. Then she ran into her pen. I am so upset. This is the same boy that survived a stray dog attack two months ago. DH had to take care of him because he was suffering, trying to breathe and he couldn't. The worst was when DH was burying him and the rest of the guineas followed DH and screamed at him the whole time he was digging the hole. After it was done, the guineas started making this horribly sad moaning sound. I feel like an arse for not getting there in time. Fifi (poodle) had escaped her pen when I went to feed her. Now she must be leashed outside her pen at all times, which sucks because we have 12ac. for her to run and romp. Blech. Crappy day yesterday.
:(Rest in Peace Bacon Bits.
I'm so sorry - it's always hard to lose one under any circumstances
Its sad how they know what happened. (The birds I mean) We had one get hit this summer by a car and his mate sat up on the fence chirping raising all sorts of racket for a few days...I felt so bad for her.
She was probably looking for him. My 3 males did this the morning after something got my broody hen, they went to where her nest was and just stood there calling. It was pretty sad
I am sooooooooo sorry for your loss..... and in such a terrible way as well. My heart goes out to you.

I just lost my Jacob on Wednesday. I'm just fixin' to post a thread about him. Someone hit him in the road. Of course they didn't stop. My other guineas stayed right by him until my DH could get out there to him. When my Mama Guinea got hit several years ago, her mate and 15 babies called all day for her. He stood on a fence post and they lost-called from the ground. Then four bachelor guineas moved in and helped Daddy Guinea raise the babies. Not a one was lost. That's pretty incredible around here. We have hawks, etc.

I'm sad for your little dog too.... with all those acres to run on. If they only knew....

I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

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