Lost a hen today, need help please


7 Years
Aug 23, 2012
Somehow our chicken run door got open, the latch was loose, maybe the wind knocked it open, not sure tho. Four chickens got out, 3BO and my bantams BR rooster, luckily we were able to get 2 of th BO back in but one was long gone and so was the rooster. We searched our entire property only to find the BO dead. Whatever it was ate everything but the head and back. And, she was found on the opposite side of the property. Seems like to me that she just wondered off and something attacked her but what? It was day time but plenty of wooded area. You can definitey tell from where she was that she was cornered by whatever. Any help please? I'm still new at this and this is my first death. My BR bantam rooster is still MIA.

Thanks ya'll.

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