Lost a hen


7 Years
Feb 23, 2016
South of Houston
Yesterday. Found her stiff, dead, on a nest sittin on 4 eggs. Did not find any injuries, no one has been sick and she was only 1.5 yrs old.
Only thing I could think of: Barred Rock. I have 3 of them. Had 1 that I tried to discourage from setting for about 2 months then out of desperation i went ahead and let her hatch a batch so another month give or take.
The young'uns are now about 2 mos old. Don't know if this is the hen that hatched the eggs as the hen has left the pullets to themselve for 3 weeks or so. If it is the same hen, Maybe I weakened her by prolonging the "incubation" period for so long. she has been off the nest for almost 2 months now and seemed fine, now this!
Any thoughts?

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