Lost ALL of my birds this morning…


Sparkle Magnet
May 6, 2009
Akron, Ohio
Woke up this lovely easter morning to my brother crying that coyotes had jumped the fence around my yard and dug under the wall of the coop, and killed all 12 (six adults, six 3-week-olds on their first night outside) of my chickens. Absolute carnage inside the coop… they didn't even eat most of them.

It's been raining for a few days, and though the wire wall was reinforced on the bottom with both pressure-treated beams and iron stakes, the ground was soft enough for them to dig through. I'm so shaken up right now… my whole flock, totally gone. My sassy EE, with their brilliant feathers. My little olive egger, my itsy-bitsy polish babies, my brother's sumatra… not a single one left. RIP to Cheryl, Hop, Gracie, Susan, Olaf, Christie (it was her 1st birthday on Friday) Faustina, Jenny the Poof, Bumpy, Bella, Mimi, and Rose. I hate coyotes.
I'm so sorry. =(
It's not so bad to lose a bird to an animal that is really hungry or feeding
babies. . .but to have them lost and not even eaten is the worst. =( It's a
sad, sad waste.
What a horrible thing to wake up to. I am so sorry you lost your flock. I know what it is like to loose dear chickens to predators. I think I have the coop and run really secure and they are safe for over a year and then they get past the defenses set up. Then I go back and do more research to make the coop even safer. But don't beat yourself up. Once you mourn the loss of your chickens, I hope you figure out a way to make a coop fortress, and get another flock.
Oh NO!! I'm so very sorry this happened. Was your coop and run done up with 1/2" hardware cloth that is buried down and "out" at least 12 inches? Gosh, I sure hope you and your son can pick up the pieces and get some new chicks/chickens and start back up again...best of luck to you!
I'm so very sorry for your loss.
I have wire under my coop but with the wet weather here...one corner of my coop sank.
At first I thought maybe my collie was digging but on further inspection, my coop actually stayed in place but the ground sank.
(that made the other end unstable as well)
We fixed it for now but I'm moving my coop to "higher" ground.
Again, so sorry about your beloved flock.

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