LOst another chick this morning...... Did he eat a screw?????


7 Years
Nov 23, 2013
I bought 6< supposedly to be Barr Rock,.. chicks about 5 weeks ago.... Tahat lady had lots she had placed a hatchery order.
We lost one chick at less than 2 weeks old. Lost One big hen 2 days later. I am still a newbie chicken owner.... just such February.... Big chicken have their own separate run and nice sized coop
well , i looked in on, my 5 weeks old chicks yesterday in their little TSC hen house extension run and Hen HOUSE. It was nice and warm so I put them in the grass with their little TSC Hen house and extension "run".. Like I have been doing several times in the last week or so .. temperatures above 65 outside and sunny
You know how they run and chase each other when they find something.
I just happened to open their extension top lift up door, to check on them and give them some more food and water, etc.
Unfortunately I have semi poor vision. But I saw something shiny and small in one of their beaks. "He" was running around with it and playing keep away.
What I could see, looked shiny and small... First thought , I had,was it looked like a small SCREW....
I kept trying to see , they were running around silly little ones .... and suddenly I did not see the "object"
So I said oh... no... I hope that wasnt a screw and "he ate it.
so much was going on I kind of forgot about it..... You know big and little chicken drama ....plus ...
I turned on their brooder light last nite and plenty of shredded newspaper over top of a thick big floor mat...
I been trying to persuade them to sleep up top in the TSC hen house top art "house" but they didnt want to go up there much just lay on the ramp.. They seemed spunky when I was out in the garage later putting away something iI forgot, late. oh I did notice one not jumping on the "roost" part.. and was a little by himself. but minutes later he was with them cuddled together under the brooder light.. as usual
Now I dont know one from the others.. only so far, can identify two of the 5.. I call one "baby girl" , cause she is more black then the other four... and first to do everything.... nosey even LOL
The one of the other four is smaller call him "little runt"... The other three I call Baby Roo ROOs....
I went out in the garage this morning to check on them I put down a bowl of food and even in the dim light of the garage I only saw Four instead of FIVE CHICKS... I leaned in closer and I had put the bowl near DEad chicks body... didnt even realize..The little silly butts were stepping and running over "him" ,dead body and all.
so I picked his stiff body up and carried it to a dry wall bucket and told Hubby....
He said oh NO not another dead chicken in like 3 weeks..
So how can we cut him open and see. ??? It driving me crazy not knowing.
THanks yall
anyone???? we still have him in a cooler.. Is it too late to try and open him and see if he swallowed that pointy prob a 1/2 screw ????


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