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Jan 17, 2007
New Jersey
Hi - Below is info concerning a great dane that was lost yesterday, apparently in the Scranton/Williamsport area. Received the info from a rescue network. There is a photo also but I haven't in a long while tackled posting photos on BYC. If you are in that area of PA and see a great dane unattended and want to let me know, maybe I can e-mail the photo to you directly - that I do know how to do! Thanks. Judy

LOST 3/22/08 11 month old female great dane~Merle markings not wearing a collar

If you have any info please call Jen 570-409-6321.

By the area code it is the Scrantion;williamsport area of PA

Pic attached

Please forward.

Thank You

Candace Bright

Founder and President

Gentle Giants, Inc

570 is also east stroudsburg PA. I am going to call my mom as she is heading that way. We almost got a st. bernard from gentle giants. Very nice people. Thank you for posting this JJ

ok if she said if she see's anything she will give me a call
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570 covers the entire northeast/central areas of PA ... Scranton & Williamsport are two hours apart. According to 'white pages' this phone number originates from the Milford, PA area, which is out I84 toward NJ.

Great Dane is hard to miss. Hope they find her safe.
Thank you both for helping to clarify the area he might be in. With his size, he can probably travel good distances - hopefully safely.
It is good that a great dane is hard to miss! He is beautiful - lots of white with brown patches if the color in the photo is coming through true. Brown tail with white tip, like a paintbrush.
Great news - just received a notice that she's been found!
I guess if you're going to be lost, be a great dane so you stand out in a crowd!
Apparently someone found it, brought it to a shelter and I guess its people contacted shelters and wallah, reunion. Oh happy day for all.


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