Lost New Chicken, any ideas?


Jul 17, 2016
I'm new to this forum but have been raising chickens for a while now I've only stalked other peoples threads until now I unfortunately lost two of my year and a half old hens to raccoons recently. About six days ago, a friend of the family gave me 2 four month-old Hens who are about ready to start laying. They are in quarantine right now, but I set up a temporary run in the front yard for them to hang out during the day generally I do all of the putting in out of the run in the evening and morning however last night my husband did it. He must've made them nervous (he doesn't do much with them and they don't know him) because he lost one She flew into the very tall pine trees in the front of our house and we couldn't get her down I've lost hens from my other flock before and they returned but they knew my property well so I am worried that she will not return. I put her friend in the run in the front yard near where she flew into the trees and I called her and put food out this morning. No sign of her yet but I was wondering if anybody had any other suggestions. Feeling quite sad about it.
I would put bowls of food and water out in plain site in front of your house for her, and hopefully seeing the other chickens nearby may get her to come around. Hopefully you can get her back before a pedator gets to her. It is always a good idea to keep them inside their new coop for a week if possible for them to know where they sleep in their new home.
@eggcessive thanks. Will do that too. No sign of her yet. We were keeping her in a temporary run under quarantine and bringing her into the garage at night until we were sure she was healthy. Didn't want to expose our flock to any mites or diseases as she came from another flock. She was enclosed but broke free from my husband. She's a bit skittish. I don't know if she was not handled a lot. Or just scared about being at a new place.

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