Lost one of the girls today.


6 Years
Aug 23, 2013
Eastern Missouri
My wife lost one of her girls today. She was a leghorn, about 18 months old. She showed signs of illness yesterday: dirty, smelly rear end; droopy, faded crown; weak, slow, hanging head. My wife gave her a bath, trimmed her back feathers then put her in isolation with fresh food and water.

We did a little research yesterday and was thinking maybe prolapse. Today "sugar lips" didn't do much moving then died around noon.

About 10 days ago we added 6 new birds to the flock. Without first researching, we kept them separate from the rest for a couple of days (two "rooms" in the coop) then let them meet and roost together (I know, I should have isolated them for a while). The farm we got the new girls from had about 40 hens and one mean *** rooster. Many of the hens were missing feathers on their backs but none appeared sick or injured. None of the other hens are showing any signs of illness.

I know there are a thousand things it could be but wanted to get a conversation going to get some ideas. Should I get something and pre-treat for cocci?

She could have been suffering from a fungal infection or vent gleet, or she could have had coccidiosis, which can happen with older hens, especially after coming to new soil or being around new chickens. Corid or amprollium from the cattle section of your feed store will treat cocci. If a vet is possible, you could take in a stool sample to see if there is an overload of cocci in the new ones, and check for worms as well. If you lose any others, a necropsy by your state vet would be good to do. Here is a link about vent gleet:

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