Lost our first chicken


7 Years
Apr 15, 2012
We only have 5 chickens (2 production reds, 2 americaunas and a silkie). One of them has now been missing the whole morning. 5 went out to range this morning while I was gardening, freshening up their water, etc., and three hours later only 4 are here. There is NO sign of the big americauna. It's like she disappeared into thin air. I'm guessing that means it's a hawk?!? We've only had them since April (born in mid-March) and this is our first small flock. We've been battling raccoons (we've seen their paw prints all over the coop but they can't get in) and there are a few neighborhood dogs who don't really come around ever. So my only other guess is hawk. We have about 2 acres, but they stay pretty close to home, only going about a 1/2 acre away at any time. Any other thoughts? We haven't even gotten a single egg and I'm beginning to doubt that I'm up for this. I guess I need to go research how to introduce new chickens to the flock. We have room for about 6 in the coop, so I may add two more production reds. I also need to figure out how to tell our 3 daughters. We didn't name them (purposefully!) but I was really hoping we could keep them safe...
In an open area, possibly a hawk. Also, I've had raccoon's come out in mid-day (also skunks and bobcats).

I'm so sorry about your loss, animals are having their babies right now, so they're all hungry. Sorry again.

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