Lost Power!! :(


10 Years
May 18, 2009
South-Eastern Michigan, USA
We lost power yesterday and it was day 25 for my call duck eggs. We quickly packed up the eggs and the bator and went to my Grandmother's house who has power.

We set everything up and I gave her instructions on how to keep the humidity up and what to do if they start to hatch...I really hope the move didn't hurt them in anyway. I'm so worried about them.

We're not suppose to get power back until tomorrow, but I'm really hoping it'll be earlier. If we do get power back before they start hatching should I even bother moving them back home or should I wait for them to hatch? It's about a 15 minute drive home for them. Would they be okay?

I think it would be pretty difficult for me to keep them over there while they hatch just because I want to be there if they have any problems... And this whole thing is freaking my grandmother out because she's never had hatching ducklings in her house before! xD

Any advice is appreciated!
that happened to me on day 18 of incubation, and on day 24!
what i did was this
first time it happened, i knew it wouldnt be gone for long, so i put them in my van and thats kept them warm, second time there was no sun so i kept them on me for warmth,
now i didnt move mine much, but from what i can tell, a little movement in the later stages day 12 onwards, is not bad, as long as its not like huge jumps in temp and sudden jolts,
so i say, bring your babys home and be ready for fun

now if its lock down time, i wouldnt move them, i had to move mine during lockdown, as no power, and they became shrink wrapped, but, if you have time till lock down, i would bring em on home
I've been in lockdown for 3 days. I really hope the move didn't shrink wrap them... When I moved them I had them wrapped in a wash cloth that had been soaked in warm water and I put them in a box with Styrofoam packing peanuts.

We filled the incubator with warm water all the way to the brim when we got them to my grandma's and sprayed them with water and put a soaked washcloth in with them. The temperature bounced back within ten minutes and the humidity was about 80% or more when I left. Even if they did dry out a bit, can they get moist enough again?

I won't move them now since the day is so close. They're call ducks so I'm really expecting them any day now, or to at least start pipping. Looks like I'm spending my entire day over there tomorrow... lol

It's day 26 now.
Went to grandma's today to check on the eggs.

I swear I heard a peep while examining the eggs!! And one egg moved quiet a bit; almost 180 degrees around. So they're still alive, but from what I could see without opening the bator no pips yet.
These guys are making me nervous!

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