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    A couple of weeks ago I read a thread about what to put down in the coop and on the ground. Someone (I think in Tennessee?) was talking about a "straw" product that they bought. They said they could put it down and just mix it up for weeks before they had to change it. If someone remembers that thread and can point me to it I would really appreciate it.

    On another note, I plan on putting my run under a couple of oak trees. Is it okay to leave the leaves on the ground or do I need to rake them up first? My friend is coming over this Sunday to help me put up the chicken wire and clean out the shed we plan to use as a coop.

    Would a doggie door with the flap removed be a good egress for the hens? I could close it at night with the door thingy that comes with it.

    Thanks again in advance. I am sure I will get some good advice here!!!
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    Oct 15, 2010
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    Dog door without the flap should work fine. Dirt run is fine and you can put pine chips to help keep things dry. Straw and leaves are ok but you will be happier with the chips or even sand in the run. Good luck with the coop!
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    Thank you for the advice. What I REALLY want is to find that other thread. There were lots of comments regarding what to put on the floor, I THINK there was even a picture of a coop where the person made a little shelf and put sand in it so she could just poop scoop it out. If anyone can link that too me it would be awesome. Or tel me if there is a way to search it.
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    Jun 24, 2013
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    Oooohhhhh yes, yes, that was the poop board one. For some reason I thought it was connected or inside the one about the straw someone is using. I really, REALLY liked that thread. I wish I could find it again. I think the name brand of the straw started with an L and it came in plastic wrap.... grrrrr.... it's terrible that the mind is one of the first things to go!!!!
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    c2chicks. Can I just say I love you and will you have my children?????

    Thank you, so much!!!!
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    :D you're welcome!

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