Lots of birds must go!


11 Years
May 15, 2008
Grayson KY
My grandmother done it again...
I have around 100 bantams maybe more to send down the road...... BTW japs, WFB spanish, Silkies, OEG's, millie's, NN's, and a few mixes.
Also.... 4 maran roo's from good blood lines....some standard cochin roo's, and 3 tom turkeys. Would take 150 for all...... North east KY.....
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I done a quick head count today when i was at granny's helping feed the chickens........there is at least 130...
omg I wish I lived closer we could not take them all but we could take a good 20 or so off your hands
What part of the state of KY are you in. I'm in west TN about 1 hour from Murray, KY, are you close?
Same here, I'm always in the market for bantams - but I live in South Central Kentucky - hubby would have fits if I said I was driving nearly to west virginia for chickens, LOL.

Real bummer, too, because I just finished the new coop recently, so I got LOTS of room for bantams.

Good luck finding homes - you'll probably not have much trouble, bantams are pretty popular around me, I imagine they are elsewhere too.

Peace -
I've never been to TN..... there is a swap about a hour away on Oct. 12th in OH. The same breeds go for crazy prices. My grandmother keep hatching eggs and they are grown now.......and she can't take care of them!
Well, there ya go. Turn this into a money-making opportunity!

Meriah -- sounds like you're not too far from me. Do you ever have bantam cochins for sale? Other birds?
I would love to help you out, but i dont have the facilites for bantams
Do you have any medium/large hens for sale?

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