LOTS of different breed pullets for sale! Southern Illinois


10 Years
Mar 8, 2009
Southern Illinois
Alright guys, I have about 30 chickens that need to find new homes. I have a few people wanting to look at them, but they aren't getting back to me very fast, and these guys need to go. So I am going to offer them on here and see what I get.

Note, I paid a lot for these guys. So I am just wanting to get my money back.

Born on Feb. 1, 4 1/2 months old

4 SLW Pullets - $10 ea
1 SLW Rooster - $5
4 Light Brahma Pullets - $10
2 GLW Pullets - $12 ea
1 Partridge Cochin Pullet - $10

Born on April 3, 10 weeks old

2 SLW Pullets - $8 ea
1 EE Pullet - $8
3 Brahma, EE, SLW, Buff Orp crosses Pullets -$6
2 RIR, Buff Orp, Brahma crosses Pullets -$6

7 1/2 week old

1 EE (Should carry blue egg gene) - $6
1 Black Australorp pullet -$6
1 Black Australorp roo -$4

4 week olds

4 Buff Orps. Pullets -VERY tame- $6 ea

3 week olds

4 Crested Polish Pullets, WCB, Silver, Buff -$6 ea

2 week olds

6 EE's (Should lay blue eggs) - $6 ea

The ee's are purchased from a breeder, his birds are very nice, and very close to the real Ameraucana Standard. They all have slate legs NOT green. And the hens we have raised from him have laid blue eggs. We can not promise Blue Egg Layers, but we are pretty sure they will lay blue eggs.

I live in Southern Illinois, on the Mississippi River, close to Missiouri. I am about 1 1/2 hours south of St. Louis. My zip code is 62233, if you want to look it up on map quest.

Pick up only, I'm not shipping.

I will haggle on prices. Post or PM for more information, for pictures, or to set up a meeting date.
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I would like these birds to go to a BYC'er. I still have all of them.

If they aren't sold by the last sunday of June, I will be taking most of them to an animal fair.

I may be willing to trade for other birds or incubators.
I am around 6+ hours from there at least.

Also I am really sorry, but the Polish are all gone.

Hmm I thought I already put that. Oh wait, the mod changed my post.

Anyway. The polish are gone, and someone is coming tomorrow to get a few of the other breeds. I will update tomorrow which ones are left.

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